Friday, 23 August 2013

This is My Child

The Mumsnet Blogging Network is running a special campaign called "This is My Child" to raise awareness of the issues surrounding special needs parenting. They are inviting bloggers to submit posts on the theme "This is My Child", so here I go....

This is My Child
Early riser, up with the sun,
On the games console before breakfast is done.
Dragging his feet on the way to school
Telling me that "Minecraft" is really cool.
Meltdown, tantrums, shouts and screams,
Cuddles, hugs, hopes and dreams.
Ignoring the stares from the people who pass
He shouts: "I'm Aspergers and the top of the class!"
He says out loud what is in his head.
He likes to take a soft toy to bed.
We laugh, we cry, we smile, we sing.
My precious little boy means everything.
This is my child.

1 comment:

  1. LOL he sounds adorable and just like my 16 year old - he'd fit in well at my house.