Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Children and Families Bill 2013

The Children and Families bill 2013 aims to;
I just received an email from my local Parent Partership about the new Children and Families Bill.

The bill aims to improve outcomes for vulnerable young people and their families by giving more choice and control to parents and ensuring a flexible approach on a local level.

One of the biggest changes will be a complete overhaul of the current "statementing" system with a new system called EHC (Education, health and care), which will affect those in the 0-25 age bracket. Young people with an EHC may have their own personal budget and the plan will focus on their aspirations for the future as well as their current educational needs.

There will also be a greater focus on preparing young people with SEN for adulthood by teaching them life skills.

The Bill needs to receive Royal Assent, which will most likely be Autumn 2014. Until then, current systems will remain in place.

Improve outcomes for all vulnerable children/young people and

their families.

Develop joint multi-agency responsibility and working.

Give parents/carers more choice and control.

Ensure flexible local approaches.

Key proposals of the bill include;

Publication of a clear ‘local offer of services’.

A more streamlined assessment process which integrates

education, health and care services and involves children and

young people and their families.

A new 0-25 Education, Health and Care (EHC) plan to replace

the current system of Statements and Learning Difficulty

Assessments which reflects the child’s aspirations for the

future as well as their current needs.

The option of a personal budget for families and young people

with an EHC, extending choice and control over their support.

New statutory protections for young people aged 16-25 in FE

and a stronger focus on preparing for adulthood.

Academies, Free Schools, Further Education and Sixth Form

N.B All current legislation and the SEN Code of Practice

remains in force until this bill receives Royal Assent,

probably in Autumn 2014

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